Selena Gomez loves girls Selena Secrets
This is a safe space for Selenators who share in the theory that Selena has liking towards the same sex or those who just wishes she does. I encourage fanfic submissions and send me a fanfic prompt you want me to write.
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July 21: (More) Selena with Cara Delevingne and friends having fun in a yacht in Saint-Tropez, France.

Selena got turned out

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Happy 22nd Birthday Selena Gomez! (July 22nd, 1992)

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Anonymous said:
You should write a Cara Delevigne and Selena fanfic 'cause it would be so FUCKING HOT. I'm just sayin, it's totally your choice.

If you went through my ‘nope’ list you would know I think she’s ugly so it aint never gonna happen. 

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Selena out and about in Ischia, Italy - July 19th
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Anonymous said:
When are you gonna publish another fic?

soon. I cannot give you a day because whenever I do I never come through. so just expect a Kendall and Selena fic coming up. 

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Selena just looks stressed like she about to have a mental breakdown. 

"Love Yourself First"

"Love Yourself First"

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