Selena Gomez loves girls Selena Secrets
This is a safe space for Selenators who share in the theory that Selena has liking towards the same sex or those who just wishes she does. I encourage fanfic submissions and send me a fanfic prompt you want me to write.
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Anonymous said:
Is ya computer working yet?


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Anonymous said:
When will ya computer be working?

I have no idea. You hotta ask my mom

Anonymous said:
selena and mila kunis

Isn’t she pregnant

Anonymous said:
Are you gonna finish the Selena and Lana Del Rey fic?

Maybe one day

Anonymous said:
Why won't you answer about the stories?


Anonymous said:
Can you do a link to ya stories please?

My computer dead, charger dead

Anonymous said:
Is ya kendall and selena story done yet?

I’ll finish it when my computer is back working

Anonymous said:
What are some blogs that have good fics like yours?

Does anybody read the fucking FAQ anymore?

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